I have always loved how so many of our standard, seemingly “secular” Christmas traditions actually point right back to the true meaning of Christmas. When you’ve done traditions for so long, they seem normal to you: things like hanging lights, baking treats and putting...

Today, I pulled up to a familiar scene; on the side of the road was a woman holding a sign with her gaze fixed downwards. 

If I’m being totally honest with you, my normal tendency is to look away and pretend to be busy since I don’t believe in giving money directly to p...

It was just over a year ago now that my husband and I cut our long-term overseas mission plans short to move back home to Southern California. We had nothing but a vague notion that God wanted to use us in our hometown.

I remember dreading the question that people alway...

Pregnancy has gotten a bad rap. How do we start to see the positive side of such an incredible season? Here are 7 ways that being pregnant is actually amazing!

I stood in the kitchen over a pan of uncooked eggs, stirring them gently, when out of no where my dog starts barking. Now, it's not often that my dog produces this particular bark so I abandon my eggs to find out what he has gotten himself into. I round the corner to f...

In the past couple weeks, I have ridden in the back of a cop car, sat at a police station for hours and been to jail three times. I know, I know, I need to get my act together. Of course, my jail time was due to visiting girls or speaking/playing music and my time in t...

In every area of our lives, we have a limited capacity. But there is one area of our lives where we have a limitless capacity. It's about time we took advantage

Surrendering to God doesn't always mean things will play out exactly how we thought they would. But what if God's secrets are actually for our GOOD?

There I was, sitting in a room with some of the most professional people I have ever shared a room with. All around me were doctors, lawyers, researchers, FBI, DA’s office officials… the list of impressive accolades went on. Not only were there impressive titles in the...

I sat there beaming with all the pride of a high school teacher’s pet all over again as our trainer asked us to pull out our first assignment we were supposed to have prepared.

Some people let out gasps of forgetfulness as they quickly scrambled for a piece of paper to...

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