There I was, sitting in a room with some of the most professional people I have ever shared a room with. All around me were doctors, lawyers, researchers, FBI, DA’s office officials… the list of impressive accolades went on. Not only were there impressive titles in the...

I sat there beaming with all the pride of a high school teacher’s pet all over again as our trainer asked us to pull out our first assignment we were supposed to have prepared.

Some people let out gasps of forgetfulness as they quickly scrambled for a piece of paper to...

“Oh, are you one of the new girls?”  A room full of strippers greeted me with rabid curiosity. A year ago, I would have likely been rather offended at the thought of someone mistaking me for a stripper. I am after all a good, old fashion church girl who saved herself f...

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Meet Britney
Singer, writer, worship leader, wife and someone passionate about helping others find hope in the midst of a hopeless world.
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