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 Christian says, “This album is all about finding light in the midst of darkness and hope in the midst of hopelessness. I just want to reach people who are without hope and help them see that there is hope available to them.” This passion led her to spend 2016 living in Latvia, a country in Eastern Europe, and use her music to reach women who were enslaved to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. During this time, she felt compelled to share her passion for hope through the storyline she wrote for her debut music video, “Far From Forgotten” and joined forces with some of Europe’s finest to make the story come to life.


 “While I was living overseas, the issue of human trafficking was hitting the front page of the newspapers in my own hometown. It prompted me to make the move back to America and use the experience I was given to make a difference in my part of the world.” She now lives back in Southern California and continues to use music, mentoring and writing to work with victims of human trafficking in the United States. Christian has found a unique way to integrate her passion for music to serve a greater cause.

About Me

BRITNEY CHRISTIAN is a singer-songwriter from southern California. She began her career in 2006 when she released her first album and began a five-year tour as the spokesperson for a national campaign. She headlined over 400 concerts across the United States and shared the stage with many notable acts, including the Jonas Brothers, Echosmith, Aly and AJ and others. During that time, she landed sponsorships with some of the top music companies in the world including Gibson and Shure. 

For her most recent release, she teamed up with multi-award winning producer, Michael Smidi Smith to write and record her album “Through”. The album was signed to SONY Extreme as soon as it was released and was placed on multiple episodes of NBC’s Parenthood. Her song “Far From Forgotten” was also used on Lifetime’s Dance Moms where Maddie Ziegler, made famous by SIA, performed a solo piece.



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