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This album is all about finding light in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of hopelessness and clinging to faith even when our faith is blind. I wrote it while I was struggling through my own season of darkness and I realized it was a message that needs to be shared. Faith isn't always easy and sometimes what we know to be true and what we feel don't sync. Releasing this album was my way of reaching out to people and helping them see that God can handle all our doubts and fears so we don't have to hide them. 

I was very fortunate to fund this album through lots of amazing people on Kickstarter and record with multi-award winning producer, Michael Smidi Smith. I also had a co-write with EROCK of Creed (Always Knew You Would). 

The songs on this album received multiple placements on NBC's final season of PARENTHOOD. My song, "Far From Forgotten" was used on LIFETIME'S DANCE MOMS where MADDIE ZIEGLER, made famous in all of SIA's music videos, performed a solo piece. 


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