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Theres is something beautiful about old hymns; the richness of the chosen words are quite unlike anything we hear in modern music. 


I never imagined that I would homeschool my kids, but I recently discovered the Charolette Mason method which is rich in music, poetry, nature, faith and living stories. I fell in love with her approach to education as a way of life that continues far beyond the traditional "school" years.


One big part of this method is singing to hymns and folk songs. As I began to search for these songs to learn them for my own kids, I discovered that it was very difficult to find anything other than large choir recordings that were hard to follow. Once I started playing them and finding a traditional and yet new way to breathe fresh life into these old songs, I thought that maybe it might bless  some of you who are also on this journey of educating your children! Throughout the school year, I will be posting new hymns and folk songs that line up with the CMEC 2022-2023 hymn book.


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