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“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”

Psalm 61:2

I stared at this verse written on the outside of my binder as I sat in the car after an all day training on human trafficking. Today’s particular topics were on childhood trauma and spiritual warfare…not easy things to take in! I knew I had an hour drive ahead of me, which I was rather looking forward to. I discovered while living in Latvia that the two hour bus ride home after our street ministry was an amazing time for me to process everything I had experienced.

But today, I wasn’t quite sure I had it in me to process the information I was given. I didn’t want to block it out, but I also didn’t think I had it in me to keep mulling over the details of what so many kids in my own city face. There’s no hope in continually thinking through the details once you understand the information.

So I went to the most uplifting and energetic music I could find on my iphone; Hillsong Young and Free. I pushed play and the electric dance beats began to pulsate through my speakers as I rolled the windows down. The wind began to whip through my hair at an almost dangerous rate before I was able to stop and pull it back.

At first I wasn’t really paying much attention to the music, but I found myself turning the music louder and louder. Eventually I was singing along. A few minutes later I was drumming my hands to the rhythms on my wheel, although rather poorly I assume since car drumming isn’t my particular musical gifting. The poor drumming turned into full on dancing and gradually I was wrapped up in the music. Any passerby may have assumed I was on cloud nine by this point.

While I find no shame in car dancing, at first, I sort of felt like a fraud.

How can I spend all day listening to the horrors of the world and then turn around and dance my way home?

But as I found myself paying attention to the lyrics I was singing, I realized it wasn’t fraud at all. In fact, it was just what my heart needed. It was hope.

I won't let the storm weather my heart

Won't let the darkness beat me down

Sing in the night my hope alive in You

I'll walk through the fire and not be burned

Pray in the fight and watch it turn

Jesus tonight I give it all to You

(When the Fight Calls)

I felt so much better after clinging to this hope. The world is a hopeless place, but we are not called to grieve without hope when we know the hope available to us in Christ. I think it is so powerful to be aware of the struggles around us and do something about it, but we cannot maintain a healthy life in the midst of it if we don’t cling to hope.

I cannot save the world.

I can’t rescue every girl out of trafficking nor can I rescue every kid who is abused…but I wasn’t created to. I am called to do whatever God asks of me, but I’m never called to carry the burden on my own.

Do you ever feel like you are carrying a burden you cannot bear? Worship it out. Give it to God and find hope again.

I created this playlist for you to use when your heart is overwhelmed with the burdens of this world. Find hope because that is the greatest thing we can offer anyone.

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