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Bringing Back The Wonder

With a twinkle in his eye, my precious little newborn boy lets out the most delightful coo, his gaze fixed upon me. I echo back his sound and his whole face bursts into a smile. He is clearly quite proud of himself for holding such a prestigious conversation.

I thought being a new mom would make me view Mary’s point of view in a new way, but as I gaze into the eyes of my ever curious two month old, I can’t help but find myself enamored by the baby Messiah.

I’m trying to picture the conversation in heaven as God the Father reveals his master plan...

“Ok Jesus, I’ve decided you will enter the world as a baby born of a virgin.”

Jesus stares bewildered, “I’m sorry father, let me see if I understand you right. You want me, the one who was with you from the beginning of creation, to become the most helpless and needy human creation we ever created?”


“So, are we going to pick an experienced mother to raise me?”

“Actually, I was thinking a teenage girl”

Before we know it, Mary is holding the savior of the world in her arms and gazing into his eyes as he lets out his first coo. I think all of us as new parents are filled with a million questions about what our child is thinking, how much he understands and who he will grow up to be.

How much more so would you wonder if you were looking into the eyes of the incarnate Son of God?

It leaves me with endless questions for the baby Messiah:

“Did You Know you were the savior of the world before you could even speak?”

“Did You Know you created everything around you before you could even walk?” “If you truly were just like every human baby, how did you learn you were the actually God? And If you Did realize you were God from the moment you were born, how did you contain all of your holiness to play the part of a baby?”

The more i tend to my sons every need and recognize how truly helpless he is apart from me, the more baffled I am that the creator of the universe allowed himself to be just like that; in need, vulnerable, messy, and helpless. I can’t wrap my mind around a God who allowed his cloth diaper to be changed by a teenage girl, needed help to get a burp out and learned how to say his first word after countless months of studying and practicing the sounds he was hearing.

But I’m so thankful I can’t wrap my mind around God, because it means there is always something new to learn.

If there is one thing I think all of us could use this Christmas, it’s a fresh sense of wonder.

What if we began to ask more questions? What if we allowed ourselves to be enamored with a Creator who allowed himself to become creation? What if we took some time to step into the story, gaze into the eyes of our newborn savior and ponder some “Jesus did you know” questions?

I don’t think we will be disappointed if we do. I am willing to bet that we may just find ourselves even more in awe of our great and humble Savior.

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